viernes, 7 de junio de 2019


This is our english project: REPLAY During the recording, we had so much fun. We had to repeat almost every scene about five times because we couldn't stop laughing as you can see in the bloopers. (5:00) The storyboard was hard to write and draw. We had to make a summary of our movie. It was so long and we didn't know wich scenes were better to put in the storyboard. Also, making the video look like a real film was extremely hard. We did our best trying to use the best positions of the camera.

We hope you enjoy our story. Coming soon in theaters ;)

jueves, 6 de junio de 2019

Basketball video: Thanos in class

Thanos in class

This video has been a challenge for us.
We have been working hard for several school days, but we felt very well recording the videos because we like playing basketball.
It has been a great experience and we learnt a lot.
The weather was hot and this has been a difficult point.

Ramadan kidnapping video

Ramadan kidnapping video

The thing that we liked the most was the moment when the police helped us and the bloopers of the video.
But we didn't like that the police didn't came when we asked for help. At least, they gave us their uniform.
It was a funny because we could recreate a story that we wrote by ourselves.

viernes, 31 de mayo de 2019

The police is here Storyboard by Isaac Group

Basketball storyboard by Aitor team

Cheating Sheet Storyboard by Pamela's group

Desactivar para: inglés
-A boy has done a cheating sheet for the exam.

-The sheet flies away goes to the partner.

- The teacher realizes who is cheating from the cheating sheet.

-When the hour is about to end, the boy who was looking at the cheating sheet remembers what he had written.

-Finally, when he goes to give the exam to the teacher, the boy already knows that he is going to fail because the teacher had noticed it.

Exam Storyboard by Aaron group

In the exam.
The cheat sheet is flying and his classmate catches him.
The teacher sees him with the cheat sheet too. 
He remember when he made it at home.
The student fails the exam.